Untitled (Chairs)

An auditorium contains 150 chairs. The even spacing of the chairs, the voids left for movement, entrance, and egress describe an order – a social logic – complete with boundaries and rules for accepted behavior. [+]Untitled (Chairs) was a performance that inverted these boundaries to highlight the politics of ownership and displacement. [+]

In the tradition of Futurist spectacle, the audience and their disrupted expectations were the focus of the piece. Those that attended the event assumed they would occupy the chairs for an academic lecture. Instead, they were forced to move out of the way and stand about the perimeter as they found themselves unexpectedly displaced. Social space became the site of functionless sculpture, leftover space became a forced site of social interaction. The audience’s reaction became the soundtrack. Performed at the American Academy in Rome on December 26, 2010. Duration: 45 minutes.

Photography: Sander Tiedema