Failing Times

Failing Times is made from copies of the New York Times. Each collage is a product of a single day’s paper. [+]

As a body of work, Failing Times examines our increasing focus on the self, and the culture of ego that focus has created. I chose the daily newspaper as a medium because it is a form of ‘cultural material’ – a ubiquitous byproduct of culture whose content, function, or mere presence speaks about our values, aspirations, and vulnerabilities. This concept of material has informed my work for the last ten years, primarily because it privileges presence over representation. Material is a direct product of the subject under examination, not an image that refers to that subject. In this same sense, collage is the preferred medium because it is made up of the actual thing – not an image of the thing.

Newsprint, sumi ink, white-out and giclée on paper.
Size variable.