The Liberator Cycle

The Liberator Cycle is a re-interpretation of The Liberator 3D printable handgun. [+]The stereo-lithography (STL) files for The Liberator gun were re-mapped according to global handgun homicide rates – a process that distorted the original object according to its projected human cost.[+]

A proprietary algorithm mapped the original STL polygon data to a map of the world’s cities. Each point was then displaced according to the handgun homicide rate for the corresponding city. The resulting images were photo-etched into copper plates and then printed using traditional etching. The project questions the assumed neutrality of digital information and the ethics of realizing that data in physical form. The images themselves were meant to suggest a seductive tension between digital and analog, information and object, and violence and beauty.

Dimensions: 25 x 17.5 inches
Limited edition engravings available for purchase.

Photography: Eduardo Solér